O notte, o dolce tempo benché nero

 O notte, o dolce tempo, benché nero,
con pace ogn’ opra sempr’ al fin assalta;
ben vede e ben intende chi t’esalta,
e chi t’onor’ ha l’intelletto intero.
    Tu mozzi e tronchi ogni stanco pensiero;
ché l’umid’ ombra ogni quiet’ appalta,
e dall’infima parte alla più alta
in sogno spesso porti, ov’ire spero.
    O ombra del morir, per cui si ferma
ogni miseria a l’alma, al cor nemica,
ultimo delli afflitti e buon rimedio;
    tu rendi sana nostra carn’ inferma,
rasciughi i pianti e posi ogni fatica,
e furi a chi ben vive ogn’ira e tedio.

Christian Maidana

Christian Maidana photo

O night, O sweet though sombre span of time!

O night, O sweet though sombre span of time!-
All things find rest upon their journey’s end-
Whoso hath praised thee, well doth apprehend;
And whoso honours thee, hath wisdom’s prime.
Our cares thou canst to quietude sublime;
For dews and darkness are of peace the friend:
Often by thee in dreams upborne, I wend
From earth to heaven, where yet I hope to climb.
Thou shade of Death, through whom the soul at length
Shuns pain and sadness hostile to the heart,
Whom mourners find their last and sure relief!
Thou dost restore our suffering flesh to strength,
Driest our tears, assuagest every smart,
Purging the spirits of the pure from grief.

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