Michelangelo Tour in Florence

If you’d like to see and understand my Florentine art, there would be nothing better than to book a Michelangelo Tour.  A professional licensed tour guide that knows my life story will help you discover the David, Bacchus, Night as well as many other works of art while explaining everything you may have always wanted to know about me and my work.

Michelangelo Tour

This tour covers many of my masterpieces in 3 various museums in Florence. It begins at the Bargello Museum to see the Tondo Pitti (one of the best examples of “non-finito” in the world) as well as Bacchus, Brutus & David-Apollo.

The tour continues through the off-the-beaten-path streets of Florence passing the Duomo, location where David was supposed to be placed, but wasn’t.  You’ll also learn about my temperamental and complex character as you approach the Church of San Lorenzo.  Its unfinished façade, which I was supposed to complete for the Medici’s remained as is and becomes one of my biggest disappointments.

The next museum is the Medici Chapel, paid for by Pope Leo X (the first Medici Pope) and still houses a collection of 7 statues dedicated to 4 Medici members that I made. You’ll continue by seeing Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, where I lived from the age of 14 to 17 alongside my first patron Lawrence “the Magnificent”.

The tour will conclude in the Academy of Fine Arts (so you may stay longer if you’d like) where you’ll see 4 “Prisoners” or at times called “Slaves” that I made for the tomb of Pope Julius II as well as the statue of St. Matthew & end with the most famous statue in the world: David!


  • Tour length: 3 hours
  • Meeting point: in front of the Bargello Museum on Via Proconsolo 4
  • Meeting time: 9:00am
  • Tickets:  All necessary tickets are included in the cost of the tour
  • Max semi-private group size: 12 people
  • This tour is offered from Tuesday to Saturday ONLY

Florence and my art are waiting for you.  Book your Michelangelo Tour here.  Don’t forget to get 5% off by mentioning Promo Code MB05AB.

I encorurage you to read the hunderds of 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor of all the tours organized by Florentine licensed tour guide Paul Costa and his company Tuscan Tour Guide.

Yours truly, Michelangelo Buonarroti who will be waiting for you in Florence to better know & understand my works of art on Michelangelo Tour.

Make sure to mention Promo Code MB05AB to receive 5%off your Michelangelo Tour.




Medici Chapel





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ttg-logo-final-white-background Book a Michelangelo Tour and receive 5% off with Promo Code MB05AB





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